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Trainwreck CBD Cartridge

Trainwreck CBD Cartridge

Clear Natural CBD

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Clear Natural CBD now offers a Trainwreck 400 mg PRE-FILLED CBD Cartridge. This Clear Natural CBD package contains a pre-filled 510-threaded cartridge precisely engineered to heat its contents evenly so that they don't burn. With 400 mg of Trainwreck CBD, this delightfully earthen-tasting concoction of relief sports hints of citrus that'll warm you from head to toe. Clear Natural CBD's Trainwreck 400 mg PRE-FILLED CBD Cartridge does not convey psychoactivity, so users can rest assured that their feet will remain firmly planted on the ground. These excellent cartridges from Clear Natural CBD are available in Mint, Lime, New York Sour Diesel, Orange Kush, and Trainwreck.

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