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Officially A Dope Partner

Greetings Peoples of The Universe & Intelligent Lifeforms Everywhere!!!

We at Integra CBD are so very grateful to celebrate our partnership with Dope Magazine. It's true, we are officailly a Dope Partner ;) If you are on the East Coast or our neighbors to the North in Canada check out our ad on the inside front cover of Dope Magazine this month. If you aren't so fortunate to have an Integra CBD ad handy in your copy of Dope be sure to check out our video on the official Instagram here - > Integra CBD Video Feature By Dope Magazine !!! Just click the link and enjoy a little video from us to you there on the other side of this screen thing.

We know you have a lot of options to choose from and we appreciate you supporting those of us who work hard for you at Integra CBD. Be sure to follow us and like us on Facebook and Instagram.. We are a Michigan-based company busting our balls to bring CBD to the people in an enviornment that isn't super supportive or educated about Cannabidiol (CBD). It's AWESOME to hear so many stories of CBD changing the lives of its users on a regular basis and that is why we do what we do. If it wasn't for all of the wonderful humans we know reaping the benefits of this hemp-derived miracle we would have given up a long time ago because this shit is NOT EZ.

It takes hard work and determination and lots and lots of persistence to keep on going through all of the challenges this business brings. We aren't getting rich doing least not yet. Keep that in mind when ordering from us, you are supporting a hyper passionate young man and single father of two amazing children. We are super blessed to have the support of Dope Magazine behind us and the wonderful people involved in that stellar organization. If you don't already, connect with Dope Magazine and be sure to pick up a copy of this next month's issue. It's the best, seriously. These guys are putting High Times to shame ;) ;) ;)

We are proud to be recognized as an official Dope Partner and to keep it DOPE by living out the acronym -> WE ARE DEFENDING OUR PLANT EVERYWHERE <3 <3 <3 Please keep doing your part of support better policies for this amazing plant and we will do ours, we promise you that. With all of the love in our hearts we write to you, KEEP IT DOPE!!! 

From All of Us at Integra CBD, We Love You!!!


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