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End of Summer Sale 20% Off

Greetings Earthlings or Aliens,

Whomever may be reading this blog post, great to connect with you again. So thankful to have devoted readers and those interested in CBD around. Integra CBD is steadily growing and prospering through the challenges of a new business. We have almost been launched for a year now, crazy to think how far we have come in such a short time. It feels like we have been in business A LOT longer than a year....but Hey! That's a good thing.

We have been featured in DOPE MAGAZINE on the inside front cover and are getting all kinds of stellar recognition in the industry. We are expanding into bulk sales and exploring launching OUR OWN PRODUCT LINES. Lots of awesome collaborations in the works to bring YOU new and amazing CBD products. One of the most exciting is a CBD kombucha that will hopefully soon be available through a collaboration with Lively Up in Muskegon, Michigan.

We are working hard on growing and increasing our ability to serve the humans who give us their patronage. It's always a work in progress and there are a lot of ebbs and flows in business that follow the ups and downs of life. We are doing our best to not get distracted and STAY ON IT for *YOU*. We are actively striving to be the best CBD company out there...and that's nothing against anyone else.

We are grateful there are so many options out there and so many wonderful people reaching out to others with this phenomenal compound. However, there are some bad players out there. We see a lot of false advertising, bait and switch tactics, improper labeling and bad ingredients in products on the market. We do our best to ensure ALL of Our Products have quality inside the packaging so that you can create a high-quality state of being within yourself and be at YOUR BEST!

It's been a LONG, Great Summer and We Are Celebrating With 20% Off Everything in Our Store!!! Thanks for Being A Part of Integra CBD And Today, Let's Celebrate the CBD Movement!


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